30 November 2017


Presentations given during meetings of DGBeheer

On Wednesday 9 June 2021, the second DGB webinar was presented from the Barenbrug studios in Nijmegen. de agenda and all activities of this year were explained by Flip Wirth in accompanying presentation. Gerard van ’t Klooster has made a presentation on the importance of having at own disposal a weather station with connected soil sensors and associated prediction models. He unsderlined the importance if all DGB members are using the same system, the best situation rises to compare data and outcomes.

During the Webinar on Wednesday 24th February at Barenbrug, Nijmegen, we made the kick-off for the new season 2021. Due to Covid-19 we could not meet in the traditional way unfortunately, but this was next best to continue our tradition. The agenda and discussing of various topics by Flip Wirth you will read in the accompanying presentation. Casper Paulussen presented the first results of the dollar spot research started in 2020 and to be continued in 2021. Olaf Bos reported about the digital enquiries he conducted last year during the meeting at Barenbrug Wolfheze amongst the DGB members taking part.

During the meeting of 5 February 2020 at Barenbrug Wolfheze, presentations were given about grass clippings. Flip Wirth gave an introduction and Wim Pelkmans gave a presention, showing how grass clippings can help in giving guidance to maintenance. Andrew Knott showed what wheather data can help in improving your maintenance. en Wim Pelkmans liet zien wat het in practice kan betekenen om beter te gaan sturen op het onderhoud en de speelkwaliteit. Andrew Knott gaf een presentatie over weerdata.

On 19th April 2017 Henry Bechelet gave a presentation presentation as part of an workshop during a meeting at Kennemer G&CC

A second presentation presentation as part of the workshop was given by Dr. Andy Owen about fairway management/

Wilco Wesseling (Green Protech) gave a presentation about the new biological treatments (2016).

Wieger van der Spek (Meteo consult) gave a presentation for DGBeheer presentation about the wheather in the Netherlands and its impact on greenkeeping

Peter van Erp (Lucel) gave a presentation on leave analysis.

Arthur Wolleswinkel (Barenbrug) gave a presentation about the dynamics of grass mixes (2010).

Barenbrug, history and developments (2010).

Jeff Collinge gave a presentation about the collecting of samples of organic matters. (2006)

Presentations back ground Duurzaam Golfbaan Beheer

The story of the start, the goals and the way of working of DGBeheer you will find in this presentation.

The aspects which are of importance for collectiong datato reuse for analysis, benchmarking and possibly scientific research purposes are highlited in this presentation.

The presentation on DGBeheer was given during the NGF greenkeeping symposium in 2010.

In Harrogate 2006 this presentatie was given about Danish initiativesby Chris Haspell, at the time course manager of GC Horsholm.